It was a snowy Wednesday afternoon. School had already been cancelled. Colson Hall was quiet except for a few creative writers who were still roaming the halls. MFA student, Lisa was making copies and came back to her office to find that a sweet treat had arrived on her desk. She looked around.

“Where did this come from?” She asked her office mate, Jeremiah. The response:

She studied the treat. It was a heart shaped cheesecake. It looked delicious. Although, she didn’t know where it came from, she couldn’t resist eating it. She was nearly done devouring the cake, when Melissa, a fellow MFA student stopped by to say hi. Melissa saw the cheesecake.
Cheesecake was her favorite thing in the world and she started crying because she had no heart shaped cheesecake.
Melissa held up the crumbling heart and wondered who the mysterious person was that was giving out these treats and if she could get her own. At that very moment fiction writer, Justin walked in. Melissa began to tell the tale to Justin. Lisa wondered how she would find the giver to thank he/she. A broad smile came across Justin’s face. Then he pulled something from behind his back.

He too had received a heart shape cheesecake and knew the identity of the mysterious giver. He wouldn’t tell but only gave the clue: The person’s name rhymes with dairy and there is no in the department named Larry. Guesses to the identity of the giver of the heart-shaped cheesecake?